Marcus Buckingham

All of us are struggling to be resilient during these challenging times. In this session, New York Times bestselling author and Head of People + Performance research at ADP Research Institute, Marcus Buckingham reveals discoveries about the sources of resilience from the largest global study of resilience yet undertaken. 25 countries, 25,000 workers, all participating in a deep dive into why some people are able to sustain their power and their energy, while others wane.

Transformations: Roots and Routes

Cultural and technological changes don’t necessarily happen at the same time, yet technology helps to shape whole new cultural categories. So, what happens to people in a world dominated by technology? And how can technologists design tools that add value and enhance human capabilities? ADP Chief Business Anthropologist Martha Bird shares insights on navigating cultural shifts, while maintaining the human touch.

The 7 payroll weaknesses exposed by COVID-19 and how to fix them

The COVID-19 pandemic has put payroll organizations through a severe stress test. Those with strong business continuity plans and a high level of automation have been able to react faster and more efficiently, while others struggled. Watch this webinar, in partnership with The Hackett Group, to hear about the seven key weaknesses exposed by the pandemic and how to restore operations and prepare for future disruptions.


Cultural transformation in the era of the ‘Unfreezing’

If you want to change your organization the first thing you have to do is ‘unfreeze’ it. But unfreezing an organizational culture is extremely difficult to do. Until now, that is, as COVID-19 has unfrozen virtually every organization in the world. This presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remake our organizational cultures in the most positive ways. But how do you do it? Find out now in this thought provoking recorded session with Jordan Birnbaum, ADP’s Chief Behavioral Economist.

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The Total Economic ImpactTM of ADP Global Payroll

Investing in payroll technology and processes in order to reduce risk and cost in the future is a high priority for your business, so recognizing the potential ROI will be crucial to your investment planning.

To understand the true ROI and benefits of ADP Global Payroll, we wanted an impartial view, so we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of ADP Global Payroll. The study revealed, in our opinion, remarkable results in terms of a three-year risk adjusted financial impact as reported by customers.

Discover how Forrester calculated a 134% ROI 

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Learn what makes up $5.9M in benefits

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A year of challenge or opportunity for global payroll?

View our webinar in partnership with EY where we discuss the valuable insights gleaned from EY’s Global Payroll Survey and other ADP studies. Discover what we are seeing in the market with our clients amid the COVID-19 crisis and take a look into the future with emergent trends for digitalization and global strategies.

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Blindspot or Spotlight?

In early 2020, Economist Intelligence Unit’s research, ‘Growing Pains: HR challenges of International Expansion’, identified HR issues were among the most challenging barriers to international expansion. Tripping organizations up were hidden areas in processes and workforce information, characterized as blindspots. Since then, the global pandemic hit and thrust HR and it’s blindspots into the spotlight.

In a recent webinar, hosted alongside the Economist Intelligence Unit, our panel of experts discuss the 5 themes from the research through a before and after lens, and reveal 6 key questions HR and senior business leaders must consider if opportunities are to be seized.

Fear or Confidence?

Take a new look at pay

It may seem like an uphill struggle to overhaul complex processes and systems. But if your business is to thrive in the rapidly changing landscape of the ‘new normal’, change is essential. This eBook will give you a fresh perspective on pay, showing how your largest overhead – payroll spend – can actually reduce costs.


Global Payroll Transformation

Are you considering a move to a global payroll solution? Learn more from attendees at our live ReThink 2020 event who have already transformed their payroll processes.

Client Stories

Understand how business leaders who presented at our ReThink 2020 event have confronted and overcome challenges to drive success within their organization.

Hear from ADP ReThink Now 2021 clients

The Workforce View 2020

In this year’s ADP Research Institute Workforce View study, we’ve scrutinised the responses of over 30,000 employees globally on the world of work. In our recent webinar, our panel members talk through the implications of the report’s findings from a global perspective, before and shortly after the global pandemic hit. Find out more on each of the themes they discussed.