Berlin, Germany

January 29 - 31, 2019


Every year, the ADP ReThink Global HCM Conference tackles the most timely issues of human capital management. Below are highlights from previous ReThink conferences.

  • Inspire Your People. Transform the Way the World Works
  • HP: Global Payroll Standardization Brings Insight and Agility
  • The Role of HR: Measure Reliably, Predict with Validity
  • HP: The Journey to Global Payroll Standardization for Insight and Agility
  • International Automotive Components Group: The Power of One… Enabling Global HCM
  • BP: Entering New Markets with Confidence
  • Protect Your Business’s Data from Everyday Security Threats
  • Global Compliance: Preparing for GDPR
  • Innovation: A Better Way to Work
  • Equinix: Optimizing Global Time and Labor Solutions

Celergo:  Innovating for Simplicity

Learn about ADP’s acquisition of Celergo and their plans for a global offering with simplicity in tools and strategic data.

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Microsoft:  OnePayroll – Delivering Global Payroll Excellence

Hear about Microsoft’s journey to OnePayroll resulting in delivering global payroll excellence.

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First Data Corporation:  Developing a Globalization Blueprint

Transparency across geographies and systems is an aspiration for many of today’s organizations.  Hear from First Data Corporation to understand how you can build a blueprint for global unification.

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SEG Automotive Germany GmbH:  Reinventing HCM:  Failure is Not an Option

With a spinoff date looming and no option to stay on their current systems, SEG had to find and implement new solutions for managing their workforce.  Hear more about the challenges they faced, why they made the decision to move forward with a single vendor for a fully managed, globally integrated HCM solution and the value achieved.

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Cybersecurity Rubicon:  Emerging Threats

Leading global cybersecurity expert, Melissa Hathaway, and ADP’s CSO discuss security issues, facing global businesses as the world has become increasingly digitally transformed and how to prepare for these issues.

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Global Scalability and Productivity in a Deals Scenario

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) discussed ways to make the most of your diversified global workforce when embarking on a merger/acquisition and its impact to the overall organizations’ productivity.  They partnered with Delphi Technologies and discussed how they helped maintain productivity as they worked through the spin off and stand up of the HR and Payroll organization of a brand new public company.

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Kennametal:  A Journey to Shared Services:  Optimizing People, Processes and Technology

Hear about the journey one organization took to transform disparate, country-specific HR, payroll and time systems into a regional shared services model resulting in global standardization, centralization and automation.

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Teams Decoded:  A Cisco Story

Cisco and ADP have partnered together to unlock team excellence at scale, using technology designed from the ground up to serve every team leader and team – Team Space powered by StandOut.  With over 2.5 million check-ins and counting, there are things Cisco knows for sure about developing the best teams, activating the performance of a team, and what team members need the most, and more.

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Dell:  The Details are in the Data

Learn how streamlining payroll and HR systems can improve the employee experience while creating a single source of data truth that provides valuable insights for strategic decision making.

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ADP ReThink 2018 Presentations

Michael Kors: Designing an Effective Global Payroll Partner

Learn how to design a global payroll strategy for a diverse workforce, while maximizing the value of your payroll partner.
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HP: The Journey to Global Payroll Standardization for Insight and Agility

How transformation can help organizations capitalize on global expertise, build agility through insights and reinvent processes.
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International Automotive Components Group: The Power of One… Enabling Global HCM

How to take a strategic HR approach to creating seamless global systems.
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Equinix: Optimizing Global Time and Labor Solutions

A case study in shifting to global time and labor standards that allow organizations to gain efficiencies and improve associate experience.
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Winning the Race to Global Security

ADP Chief Security Officer Roland Cloutier breaks down the top five security issues facing global businesses. What are the main threats of the future? And how can we prepare for them?
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