What challenges are HR professionals facing today?

For three days in Rome in January 2020, HR, finance and IT leaders came together to discuss how HR systems and processes can help businesses be more efficient and grow. The annual ADP ReThink Global Human Capital Management Conference offered a space to challenge traditional ideas of what HR can do, with out-of-the-box thinking on every topic from cyber security to lessons in innovation from Disney World. An invitation to be more innovative and creative, ReThink offered real-world solutions to the challenge many HR leaders face of disparate systems, complicated data and employees that are not effectively plugged in to their organisation’s purpose.


Global shifts in economics, politics & business: what’s it going to take to be successful?

Dr. Dambisa Moyo, Global Economist


The hacker’s blacklist: critical cybersecurity threats and solutions

John Sileo, Cybersecurity Expert and Author


The generation myth

Dr. Alexis Abramson, Generational Expert and Author

Dr. Alexis Abramson – presentation


Revelations from the data

Marcus Buckingham, SVP and Co-Head, ADPRI

Marcus Buckingham – presentation


Retail detail: how Brazil’s largest employer successfully outsourced payroll

Antonio Salvador, Former Chief Digital Officer, GPA

Antonio Salvador – presentation


Global payroll fixed fast, brand promise fulfilled

Traci Memmott, Global Head of Payroll, PayPal

Traci Memmott – presentation


Lightening the global payroll load

Natascha Moore, International Payroll Manager and Global Process Owner, Payroll, FedEx

Natascha Moore – presentation


Ensuring an employee experience worth repeating

Sunita Cherian, Chief Culture Officer and SVP, Corporate HR, Wipro Technologies

Sunita Cherian – presentation


Activating talent: the journey to redefine engagement and performance inside of ADP

Sreeni Kutam, CHRO, ADP
Jay Caldwell, VP, Talent Solutions, ADP

Sreeni Kutam & Jay Caldwell – presentation


ADP’s vision for the future

Linda Mougalian, Senior Division VP, Go to Market Strategy, ADP

Linda Mougalian – presentation


ADP product strategy

Don Weinstein, Corporate Vice President, Global Product and Technology, ADP

Don Weinstein – presentation


ADP product strategy part II

Michele Honomichl, Product Evangelist, Multi-Country Payroll, ADP
David Woodward, SVP, Product Development, ADP

Michele Honomichl & David Woodward – presentation

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