ReThink Quarterly

Issue 2: Experimentation

For the past year and a half, we’ve been living in the world’s largest-ever work experiment.

It seemed like think pieces started popping up about “the new normal,” “the great reset” and how businesses might thrive after Covid-19 as soon as the pandemic began. But truthfully, 18 months in, the extent of the pandemic’s effects remains ever-changing. 

Despite the upheaval, payroll professionals have shown up, figured out how to work smarter and gotten people paid. And that’s why the theme of this issue is Experimentation. Changing how you do business can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences, but it can also open up new possibilities. 

Musicians, for example, have found digital ways of connecting with fans and getting paid when they couldn’t go on tour. Companies in Nigeria are expanding financial wellness offerings to their employees. And in India, a corporate social responsibility spending mandate has helped communities weather the pandemic. The move towards a cashless world, well underway in São Paulo, wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for the digitization of payroll in the mid-20th century.

Some pandemic challenges are still in need of solutions. Women have borne the brunt of job losses, especially at the lower end of the pay scale. So many people lost jobs during the pandemic, more areas are experimenting with Universal Basic Income pilot programs. And we’ve highlighted three payroll challenges teams may face in 2021, with some ideas on how to tackle them.

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— Grace Dobush, editor

How musicians are getting paid in the pandemic

Physical album sales are just 3% of their peak in the year 2000, music streaming services pay peanuts, and the pandemic halted touring. But artists are embracing new ways of making money.



women’s share of global employment


women’s share of pandemic job losses

$11 trillion

value of unpaid caretaking done by women every year

The shecession is already here >

Bringing humanity to the boardroom

In 2014, India mandated corporate social responsibility spending for all large companies. Now CSR funding tops $2 billion annually, with half of those funds dedicated to pandemic relief in 2020.

“Women are expected to be creative, but they are not expected to manage their money well. I want to break these paradigms.”


Giving back during Ramadan in Indonesia

In the past decade, Indonesia has seen a big increase in charitable giving. Our photographer takes you to the streets of Jakarta during this Muslim holy month when giving is at its peak.

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