• Bombardier

    Most office workers have coped with working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what about factory workers? Bombardier worked with ADP to make sure their employees had access to vital payroll information, whatever their situation. Anke Gentele, Head of CoE, HRIS and Patricia Ellis, Head of European Payroll Operations and Governance discuss how Bombardier successfully standardized and centralized payroll activities and reporting, freeing up time for HR business partners to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Dow

    What can you do when you have access to all your payroll data across the globe? Laurie Tremper, Global Payroll Director at Dow, tells us how ADP’s analytics solutions enable her team to not just get payroll right, but contribute strategic insights as well.

  • LinkedIn

    What is it like to run payroll at a ‘hyper growth’ company? Karl Pavri, Head of Global Payroll and Employment Tax at LinkedIn, tells us how working with ADP helps him develop payroll strategies that keep pace with LinkedIn’s incredible growth.

  • Signify

    What’s it like to set up payroll for a ‘startup’ with over 30,000 employees? Mark van Bijsterveld, Chief HR Officer at Signify, tells the story of how he worked with ADP when Signify spun out from Royal Philips.

  • Standard Chartered Bank

    Jessica Frot, Global Head of Payroll at Standard Chartered Bank, takes us through their journey with ADP, their longest standing payroll partner. Jessica tells the story of how Standard Chartered Bank recently worked with ADP to launch a new entity in China in record-breaking time – just 10 months, instead of the more typical 18-24 months.

  • Telstra

    Josephine Thompson, People Services Executive at Telstra, tells us the story of how she transformed payroll at Telstra, moving from six vendors to one global vendor, and winning a global Telstra prize as a result.